Commited to fighting climate change

Grupo Antolin is working to become a leader in business for its respect for the environment, its contribution to the fight against climate change and its support for the transition towards a low carbon economy. The company seeks to minimize its impact on the environment, optimize processes in all areas and develop innovative sustainable solutions, anticipating the market and even the environmental protection legislation.

The framework to achieve these objectives is defined in the 2018-2021 Sustainability Master Plan, with it Grupo Antolin aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and includes four main lines of action:

Transition towards a low carbon economy

All of Grupo Antolin’s processes (acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing, storage, shipping) are optimized to reduce polluting emissions. The production activity is carried out at “Just in time” plants and production centers located in the vicinity of its customers in the 26 countries.

Although Grupo Antolin is not directly responsible for vehicle emissions, it contributes to mitigating their impact by systematically reducing the weight of components through innovation and the development of new materials.

  • Use of structural foaming in the manufacture of interiors. The result is a lightweight and stronger internal structure in combination with an outer layer that is pleasant to the touch and on the eye.
  • Development of composite materials with different types and lengths of reinforcing fibers and development of the technologies required for their processing.

Cars with lightweight components manufactured by Grupo Antolin in 2020 will have emissions reduced by

27,000 t of CO2

throughout their useful life

Energy efficiency

Grupo Antolin is committed to the continuous improvement of its energy efficiency through the use of renewable energies or the generation of electricity for self-consumption.

Commitment to photovoltaic energy

In 2020, Grupo Antolin went a step further in its environmental responsibility and commissioned four new photovoltaic facilities, one at its headquarters in Burgos and the rest at three centers in India (Pune, Maharashtra, Chakan and Chennai), with an installed capacity of 1,350 kW for self-consumption.

Sustainable and responsible use of materials

As a leader in the manufacture of vehicle interiors, Grupo Antolin feels that it has a responsibility for participating in and promoting the circular economy. The company endorses the “do more with less” motto and supports its customers in achieving this objective.

With innovation as its best ally, Grupo Antolin is following a strategy aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of its products, processes and services throughout the life cycle. The Corporate management model contains the measures that must be followed by all technical development Centers to ensure this reduction.


This technology facilitates the processing of thermoplastic materials, increasing the proportion of recycled material of post-industrial origin that can be reused in the manufacturing of vehicle interiors.


Range of technical materials that offer excellent noise insulation and damp-protection properties. These materials are manufactured with overheads scrap parts.

Supply chain aligned with the environmental goals

Responsibility and commitment to sustainability do not end with Grupo Antolin's activity. All its suppliers are obliged to meet the company’s requirements, including those of an environmental nature, as set out in the Supplier Manual (available on the Grupo Antolin supplier portal).

Through the Code of Conduct for Suppliers, Grupo Antolin rolls out its environmental, social and good governance commitments to its top-level suppliers, urging them to adopt these principles and apply them in their supply chain. Respect for the code is a factor in the selection of suppliers and the control of procurement management. Its application is regularly assessed.