Our road map

To successfully undertake a journey as challenging as that of the mobility of the future, we need a headlight to throw some light on the challenges and opportunities. For Grupo Antolin, this headlight takes the form of an integrated and sustainable business model, in perfect harmony with a strategy based on constant innovation and technological development.

An Integrated and Sustainable Business Model

Grupo Antolin is a leading multinational company in the design, development, manufacturing and supply of vehicles interiors. The company is a global supplier of technological solutions for the car interior that offers an extensive range of high performance solutions found in all types of model. In 2020, almost 100 new vehicle models, as well as the 5 best-sellers on the market, contained its products.

There are four factors on which the financial and operational success of the company is built and that make it a global and strategic benchmark for the largest vehicle manufacturers operating worldwide.

  • Strategic geographic and customerfocused expansion.
  • Strong diversification of income.
  • Experience in manufacturing, processes, design and technology.
  • Firm commitment to innovation as a lever to offer added value to customers.

True to its roots, but constantly evolving to respond to the new mobility challenges, Grupo Antolin is committed to rewriting the future of sustainable mobility by integrating new smart solutions for the vehicle interior and developing new experiences based around driving.

Our business

Grupo Antolin continued to reinforce its position during 2020 as one of the world leaders in the manufacture of components for the vehicle interior, demonstrating that it has a solid and resilient business that has allowed it to deal with the challenging environment. The company’s sales for the financial year as a whole amounted to €3,975 million, with a wide diversification by country and customer.

Business units


The Overheads Business Unit, which achieved revenue of €1,478 million (37% of the company’s total), worked closely with customers to support them in the launch of either models established in the market with significant sales, such as the new Ford F-150, the best-selling vehicle in North America, the Land Rover Defender and the Volkswagen Golf in Europe; or in new projects, such as the Vinfast projects in Vietnam.

Cockpit & Doors

During 2020, the Doors and Instrument Panels Business Units came together under the same Department, which has been called Cockpits & Doors. Its purpose is seeking operational synergies and better managing resources when attracting new businesses, developing products and managing projects, always looking toward the medium and long-term.

Lighting & HMI

The Lighting Business Unit changed its name to include HMI (Human Machine Interface), to reflect the new strategic reorientation that turns interior components into an interface, allowing the passenger to interact with the vehicle and their surroundings thanks to systems that combine lighting with electronics and decorative surfaces.

Electronic Systems

As one of the major milestones in the execution of the strategy in 2020, the company created the new Electronic Systems Business Unit, with the aim of globally strengthening its capabilities in advanced electronics. The recently created team in this Unit, which includes leading professionals, worked throughout the year to define the portfolio of purely electronic products and support the other departments in new integrated solutions with more technological components.



The company’s business in Asia overcame the initial impact of the COVID-19 crisis, ending with sales of €507 million thanks to the recovery of the Chinese and Korean markets.

North America

In order to improve customer service, the company expanded its industrial presence in the region with the start-up of the new plant in Cuautitlan (Mexico), which will supply components for Ford’s new electric model.


Thanks to the great commercial work of the teams, important projects were won on the continent, ensuring that Grupo Antolin continues to be a key partner for manufacturers for the interior of their future models, including the new models with electric technology.

South America

The company launched important projects during the past year despite the challenging market situation. These included the start of the supply of headliners for the new 208 for PSA and the launch of the sunvisor project for Honda.

Relationship with stakeholders

Grupo Antolin’s activity has a direct and indirect impact on different stakeholders: customers, investors, professionals, shareholders, the supply chain and society as a whole. Aware of this responsibility, the company involves them in the organization’s Sustainability and Ethics and Good Governance models.

Grupo Antolin is also committed to a relationship based on trust, fluid dialog and responsible communication. This allows the company to listen to their demands, incorporate these into the design of its strategic plans and respond with tangible actions.


Family spirit is deeply rooted in our values and our vision of the present and future business.

Supply chain

The development of an efficient and sustainable supplier network is one of the foundations for maintaining the growth and evolution of the company. Grupo Antolin involves them in its commitments and policies.


Their ambitions and goals are also ours. We focus all our efforts on developing solutions that help them to strengthen their market position.


We are making progress in the sustainability and resilience of our business on a global level, as well as in the transparency of information on the main indicators demanded by the investment community.


Their talent makes us leaders. We nurture well-being, guarantee health and safety, ensure diversity and promote the professional development of everyone forming part of Grupo Antolin.

Society as a whole

We contribute to the development of society, and especially of the communities in which we operate, from an economic, social and environmental perspective.