Sustainable innovation

In an increasingly demanding context for the automotive components industry, Grupo Antolin is responding with a robust and ambitious strategy based on sustainable innovation that generates shared value for all its stakeholders. Grupo Antolin’s strategy has three clear objectives: to strengthen the company’s position as a global supplier of technological solutions for the vehicle interior, to be a key player in the transformation taking place in the automotive industry and to continue being an essential partner for the manufacturers in the development of their future vehicles.

The vehicle interior is constantly evolving in the digitalization and transformation of the value proposal, adding new features: human-machine interfaces (HMI) based on smart solutions that incorporate functional dynamic lighting systems, smart surfaces and control electronics; solutions that monitor the driver to assist them with their driving; and systems that improve and purify the air.

Cockpit 1.0 demo

After two years of research, the development project for a cockpit prototype was completed in 2020, integrating various technological developments to respond to the demands of the future vehicle.

  • Adaptive and functional lighting systems that provide information to the driver about the driving environment, as well as visual alerts to the passengers.
  • Infrared vision camera for driver and occupant monitoring through vision systems based on artificial intelligence solutions.
  • Glovebox with automated opening and closing mechanisms.
  • Radiant heating panel that increases the feeling of thermal comfort in the passenger area.

Concepts Cars

The conceptualization work carried out during 2020 has resulted in the development of two new concept cars based on virtual reality, which combine many of the concepts that guide Grupo Antolin’s innovation. Both models combine ready-to-market solutions with others based on technologies currently being researched by Grupo Antolin.

Virtual Ride Hailing Concept Car. This vehicle reflects the new trend for turning the car interior into a living space, where you can work, relax or communicate. All within a bubble of health, well-being and safety for the occupants, thanks to advanced air purification solutions. Travelers can interact with the smart interior through state-of-the-art technology.
Virtual Ride Sharing Concept Car (ELIN). This vehicle demonstrates the company's vision of what shared mobility could look like in big cities: electric, self-driving and healthy. The prototype has been designed to integrate perfectly into the ecosystems of urban areas, whatever the use of the vehicle.

Project to turn the vehicle interior into a bubble of health, well- being and safety for the occupants thanks to advanced solutions

Development of the Clean Interiors program to work on proposals aimed at purifying the air in the interior, sterilizing and sanitizing its interior surfaces.

  • MICRO-SINTER-MEMBRANE project based on the creation of high efficiency filtering membranes coordinated by the Foro de Automoción de Castilla y León (Automotive Forum of Castille and León, FACYL) and approved by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism with the highest rating of those presented nationally.
  • Recognition at the CLEPA Innovation Awards 2020 (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) where the project of Grupo Antolin’s air purifying consoles was recognized by the specialized audience as the most valuable proposal for its contribution to the fight against coronavirus.

Participation for the first time in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

This is a leading event in the sector held annually in Las Vegas. The company was present through its technology partner CI PIA, exhibiting a prototype on how the Driver Sense driver monitoring system can be seamlessly integrated into an instrument panel.

In 2020, Grupo Antolin opened the new Innovation Center in Shanghai (China), which is home to the group's new headquarters in the Asian country. The center is an advanced electronics laboratory and a modern showroom where customers can see the company’s latest technological advances and most important products, both physical and virtual reality devices.