Risk Management

Grupo Antolin considers the prevention and mitigation of possible risks an essential process for the smooth running of the company's operations throughout the world. Grupo Antolin’s Internal Control system is designed to effectively manage all risks that could threaten the achievement of the company’s objectives.

The key principles of risk management at Grupo Antolin are:

  • Managing risks across the company.
  • Ensuring compliance with the corporate risk management process, which includes the identification, assessment, response monitoring or tracking of the risks and information on them.
  • Providing responses to these risks that are consistent and extensively adapted to the conditions of the business and the economic environment.
  • Regularly reviewing the assessment of risks and the responses that have been designed to them.
  • Monitoring the controls and strategies related to risk management to ensure that they work effectively.
  • Regularly assessing the fulfillment of the activities to identify, assess, respond to, monitor or track the risks and information on them, in accordance with the latest standards.
  • Designing the information systems, internal controls and strategies for managing and mitigating risks.

Risk catalog

In 2020, Grupo Antolin updated and subsequently assessed the risk catalog from a three-way perspective: probability of risk occurrence, internal capacity to detect and manage the risk and impact in the event of the detected risk materializing.