Our professionals

Grupo Antolin’s talent is one of its main assets, turning it into a leading company. The management of its more than 26,600 employees, working across 26 countries, not only allows it to handle the idiosyncrasies and regulatory framework of each country, but also addresses the transformation in human capital necessary within the framework of industria 4.0S. All this without losing sight of what is important: generating a climate of trust at all levels of the organization and promoting the characteristic innovative spirit of Grupo Antolin.

Strategic human resources Plan; our compass

The Strategic Human Resources Plan 2018-2022 defines Grupo Antolin’s strategic lines and commitments in relation to the personal and professional development of everyone forming part of the company. True to the “think globally, act locally” motto, this global framework is based on a common foundation that draws on the company's values, although each regional division can adapt its policies and systems to the specific features of that country.

Occupational health and safety

Aware of the importance of this issue for its stakeholders, as can be seen in its materiality analysis, Grupo Antolin is working to guarantee the health, safety and well-being of the people who work for and provide their services at the company.

To do this, the company is following an approach based on:

Reducing to Zero the number of occupational accidents and professional illnesses among the workforce

Universalizing the values of health and safety through:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy.
    • 4 new centers certified in 2020 with the management system based on the ISO 45001:2018 standard: 41 certified in total.
    • In 2020, 49% of employees are covered by certificates of excellence in occupational health and safety management.
  • Healthy Company Program: dedicated to promoting health and well-being both in the workplace and out of it.
  • Operational control in the field of risk prevention in tasks classified as hazardous.
  • Promotion of responsible mobility.
  • Safety in the supply chain with training and coordination tasks. In spain, suppliers are approved by the occupational health and safety department.

Management, retention and attraction of talent

Companies need the best professionals if they are to successfully compete in the knowledge economy of the 21st century. Grupo Antolin, in keeping with its strategy based on sustainable innovation, seeks quality talent, capable of contributing their ideas, skills and commitment to the projects the company is running to shape the mobility of the future. This is without ever losing sight of the company’s DNA: its values.

Grupo Antolin is working to strengthen its image and reputation as an employer throughout the world so that it can attract the best professionals wherever they are. The company believes in its teams; it constantly empowers and motivates them to always offer the best of themselves. With that spirit, Grupo Antolin dedicates significant effort to cultivating the leadership skills of its employees so that the good leaders of today can become the excellent leaders of tomorrow.

Professional training and development

The automotive sector is experiencing a process of disruptive change and the same thing is happening to the people working in it. Trends such as automation, robotization and digitalization are transforming human capital at all levels: from manual tasks to decision-making and team management, not forgetting recruitment formulas, performance assessments and internal communication.

Aware of this unstoppable process, one strategic line for Grupo Antolin’s human resources department includes adapting the skills and roles of employees to the new ways of working (reskilling and upskilling).

Diversity and equal opportunities

The promotion of diversity constitutes one of Grupo Antolin’s great strengths. The company understands this concept as the recognition and integration of the different dimensions of diversity (age, gender, nationality, culture, sexual orientation and social origin) into the management of work teams. Starting from this basic premise, diversity runs through all decisions relating to the direction and management of professionals within the group's set of divisions, as set out in Grupo Antolin’s code of ethics and conduct.

Adapting this commitment to the reality of each country and company allows Grupo Antolin to identify risks and opportunities and respond to them with plans tailored to the particular needs of each territory, without losing sight of the common objective of contributing to the positioning and good performance of the company.

Labor relations

As part of Grupo Antolin’s commitment to the labor standards in the countries where the company operates, the group recognizes and defends the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right of all employees to collective bargaining.

The company ensures that communication with the unions and/or worker representatives is effective and respectful and establishes communication channels with the unions present at the company's plants.

The entire Grupo Antolin workforce has access to a channel for direct participation through joint meetings of the management and employees. In this way, 100% of the workforce is represented. In addition to this channel are those that recognize the different collective agreements through particular committees.